Phones for Retail Stores

Gone are the days where phones for retail stores in Calgary are limited with Telus. Today there is a range of options available.

For small retail stores require a basic phone line for emergency purposes. We offer a basic phone line bundled with internet so it can be used for customer access, payment terminal and other store equipment.

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Larger and More Complex Phone Systems in Retail Stores

Larger stores require a more complex phone system. These may include:

  • Cordless phones for sales staff,
  • Paging for shipping departments, and
  • internal call center functionality to support catalogue and web orders

We also found that there are often a higher ratio of phones to phone lines in larger retail and a premise based phone system like 3CX is a better choice. 3CX provides a on-site solution for retail that provides best-of-class phone services for Calgary based retail stores.

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All About Modern Phone Systems and Retail Stores

We recommend VoIP phone systems for all retail stores because they deliver the most flexibility and the lowest cost when expanding and opening new stores.

Phone Systems for Franchise and Stores with Multiple Locations

Multi-location stores with simple phone needs should consider a hosted phone system. A hosted phone system ties together all locations under a single umbrela and provides a lower overall price. A common auto attendant and reception can optionally be implemented.

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