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Data breach can be one of the most costly things that can happen to your company. A study done by IBM showed that in the second quarter of 2014, the average cost of data breach is roughly $3.5 million — a 15% increase from the previous year. This means that the average cost paid for every stolen data with valuable information has increased from $135 in 2013 to $145 in 2014.

Backing up your data is now more crucial than ever. In this digital age, companies can no longer afford not to have backup copies of their files. Helia provides Managed Backup services to help you protect and secure your most valuable data at any given time. We guarantee that your data are protected by Canada's privacy legislation with all your information stored within the country and does not leave Canadian jurisdiction regardless of the circumstance. Our managed backup includes the following features and benefits:

  • Comprehensive Data Protection. Using the latest technology, we make sure that your data are consistently monitored, backed up, and recovered (as needed).
  • High Speed Backup of Files. We use quick image-based, disk backup of files which allows you to recover data both from Windows and Linux servers.
  • Blocking Technology. Our disc-to-disc backups are powered by the hybrid I2 technology that backups only the latest changes made to specific files, sparing you from repeated backups of the same unchanged data.
  • Multiple Restore Types. We're able to restore files and folders, Microsoft Exchange emails, applications, volume data, and bare-metal restore.
  • Data Replication. Aside from your in-house backup, we replicate it to off-site and cloud locations for disaster recovery purposes, giving you additional protection from physical and environmental data damage.
  • Swift Server Recovery. Our speedy technology and response team provides fast recovery of crashed servers, restoring the original drive immediately and minimizing downtime.
  • Centralized Management and Reporting. Your data is managed seamlessly in one simplified platform that allows for easy access and recovery of files. All incidents are recorded and reported for evaluation purposes.

Helia Managed Backup increases your productivity as we take care of your data protection and maintenance. You can work continuously and efficiently without fear of losing access to valuable data. Ultimately, we want our clients to feel secure that they have their data locked down and within their control.

Helia Technologies provides managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in Calgary. We also guarantee responsive, comprehensive, and efficient client support. Helia is all about ensuring continuity in your business by providing the most optimal technology solutions.

Backup Manager Pricing

TypeFair UseMonthly Cost
Server500G$75 CAD
Workstation100G$18 CAD

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